A Real Time notification system task for SocialCops

Problem Task:

Create a real time notification system to notify subscribers about the changes in the MongoDB database. Link to complete task.


Due to lack of knowledge about Gossip Girl and their characters, I have updated the task to notify us about the updates of various TV shows instead of characters of Gossip Girl.

Tech Stack:

Web app = Flask + Heroku + SocketIO + MongoDB/MongoLab

Screenshots and how to use it:


  • First Register and Login: username: akul password: 1234


  • Then Goto /Rooms and subscribe to your favourite TV Shows


  • Goto /Notification for real time subscribed Notifications, notifications of not subscribed TV shows are not shown here.


  • Goto /All Notifs for real time Notifications for all TV shows

all notifs

  • Open /Update DB in new tab and send an update for a TV show to MongoDB. This is inserted in the MongoDB db and a notification is sent to /Notifications if subscribed and /All Notifs in real time via SocketIO.


  • Notification about update on Flash TV show is sent to both /Notifications and /All Notifs.

notifs & all notifs

  • Again sending Notification about Game of Thrones which is not subscribed by akul

updatedb again

  • On Sending notification about Game of Thrones, only /All Notifs will receive as akul is not following Game of Thrones and hence no notification in /Notifications

notifs & all notifs again

  • Logout and Exit the program

Link to Github Repo: Here